About me

Hello, I’m Sarah!

I study Journalism and love writing, so i thought: Let’s try making my own blog and see what happens.

I’ve written down a couple of facts about myself, so you can get to know me a bit better!
Maybe we have some things in common?
Let me know! (you can contact me via social media, my links are always on the right side of the website page)

  • I was born in august 1998
  • I was born and still live in Belgium
    So my native language is Dutch, but I can also speak English and a little bit of French (half of my country speaks French and I learn the language at school, but I’m not very good at it)
  • I’m a bit shy and stressed when I first meet people, but I’m pretty weird/outgoing when I get to know you better
  • I’m in my second year of college and study journalism, because I really like to write


  • I’m pretty tall for a girl: 174 cm
  • I have 1 older brother who I get along with very well. We sometimes have arguments and he can be very irritating, but I love him a lot
  • I have scoliosis (There is a full blogpost about this!)
  • I think my favourite colour is blue, but it depends on what we’re talking about
  • My favourite number is 2. It’s simple and pretty to write.


  • I’m allergic to ice tea, even though I drank it a lot when I was younger and really like the taste of it. Just one day my body decided that it didn’t like ice tea anymore.
    I’m also allergic to one type of tomato. I know, weird right. I can eat normal tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but the ones in between burn my tongue off.
  • I’m underweight. I should weigh more because of my height, but I have a lot of trouble gaining weight. This runs in the family, my parents were also like this at my age
  • That doesn’t mean I don’t like to eat. Good food can make me very happy


  • I used to be allergic to fluffy animals like bunnies, so my parents bought us 2 tortoises. But both of them have run of into the sunset over the years, because we have no idea where they are right now
  • I have the luck that I have an amazing group of friends who are as weird as I am and are all very sweet. I hope they will be my friends for a very long time
  • My hobby is dancing (Urban/Hiphop). I’m not a pro but I really enjoy it and I also dance when I’m at home (which makes the whole house shake. Sorry mom)


  • I’m a feminist and I think everyone else should be too. Equal rights YEAH!
  • I can’t get tanned. It’s either pale skin or sunburn.
  • I played the piano for about 5 years. I really enjoyed the years in music school and it has really helped me to be more confident. But after a couple of years I wanted to play more modern pieces. The urge to play faded a bit, but now it’s back! I’m currently learning Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi.


  • The only bone I have ever broken in my life has been my little toe. I was on a trip in Norway and bumped it against my suitcase. I fell on the floor crying and my toe was blue for like a whole month.
  • I don’t cry very easily, because I’m lucky enough to have a great life. But I can cry my eyes out when watching an emotional video/movie.
  • I’ve started writing several books but I can’t seem to finish one, because I always think of better ideas or don’t like the way I wrote something.


  • I have a slight version of nosophobia (yes I looked this up in a dictionary, what a difficult word). I wash my hands quite often and don’t like sharing drinks and stuff. I have it under control but I sometimes have these moments were I have to calm myself and say: “It’s okay Sarah, you won’t die.”
  • I want to do something with my life, make a change, do good and enjoy my time here (sounds very cheesy I know, but I don’t know how to say it in any other way)

I know this list of facts was very random, but I hope you have a feeling that you got to know me a bit better.

Lots of Love!