I’ve always felt emotions in a very strong way and how I feel can be easily seen on my face.

I’ve always thought that feeling things strongly is a positive thing. I enjoy life a lot and can get happy from little things. But it also means that when someone else is in pain, emotionally or physically, that I’m in pain as well.
I have the luck that I’ve spent most of my life being happy.

Something I want to make clear is: There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing and showing your emotions. Actually: I advise you to share your thoughts, please, let it all out. Because it’s never a good thing to bottle everything up.

I’ve seen friends apologizing for crying. You crying doesn’t make you weaker than people who don’t. Everyone just experiences things in a different way. We all have different methods to cope with certain events.

But we all get sad sometimes or experience something difficult. Just because some people have ‘bigger problems’ doesn’t change the fact that you are still struggling. I can’t stand it when people say: “She shouldn’t complain, others have it worse”, that’s not the correct thing to say. When people open up about something, don’t dismiss it so easily.
Please listen, even when you don’t really know what to say, and be there for the person. Hold them for a little and just listen.

I truly hope everyone has someone with who they feel like they can share anything and who’s always there for them. If you have the feeling that you don’t, please know that you’re NEVER alone.
The internet can be a wonderful place for meeting other people or finding a safe community.
Talk to someone. The stranger who works for a helpline, because these exist for a reason and that person would love to talk to you. Or a friend, a teacher, a psychologist, …

Don’t ever feel like there isn’t anyone who cares or listens.

People care

I care

You can do this

Have a great day/night!



This is a link to a Tumblr post I saw passing by. Hotlines for different countries.

  • This was written after the recent news about Jonghyun’s passing. (A kpop idol who unfortunately took his own life at the age of 27) I couldn’t sleep that night so I wrote this. Rest in peace Jonghyun, you will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. But, every time I want to complain, there’s this part of me who warns me not to complain because I was just being too overwhelmed and, in fact, there’s other people who experience things the worse. I know how unhealthy it is to usually bottle things up, but it’s not easy to open up or showing your true feeling and emotion to people as well, even though they’re your trusted people or close to you. :((


    1. I completely understand that it’s difficult to open up about certain things! I think everyone finds it difficult. But do know that there is nothing wrong with sharing things you think might be small problems. I hope you have people you can talk to and our feeling well.

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