Underweight and Self-love

Skinny. It’s a word that has a very different meaning for every single person. Some associate it with beauty, others with illness. “Gorgeous”   “Flat”  “Goals”   “Ugly”.

Self-love. Something every single person on this planet has struggled with in their life, even though we can’t be anyone but ourselves.

I feel great in the body that I have and I’m lucky that it has been this way for most of my life.
But there has been a period of time, not too long ago, where I looked into the mirror and did not like what I saw. Not just one part of my body, but all of it.
That feeling made me so sad, because I realised that some people, boys and girls, have this feeling almost every day.

I’ve been hearing 2 very different things my whole life:
1. “You need to gain weight, you’re so skinny that it looks unhealthy!”
2. “You’re so lucky that you can just eat whatever you want and not gain weight, people would kill for a body like yours!”

Two very different statements that have always confused me. When I didn’t feel good in my body, I had a feeling that I couldn’t really talk to people about it, because I’m skinny, so I’m lucky and shouldn’t complain.

Unfortunately, everyone struggle with loving themselves.

The thing is: beauty standards are such bullshit. Beauty is also a word that has a very different meaning to every single person. Diversity is what makes our world so lovely. We all look stunning and different in our own way, but then again: we’re all just human beings. Please try and love yourself, even if it’s just a little bit more every single day.

We should support each other, give compliments when you mean it, even if it’s just a stranger who you think has nice hair! Because that one compliment can make someone’s entire day.

Saying something mean on social media is easily done, but so unnecessary. Your day isn’t going to get any better by bringing someone down on social media. Like they say: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” You can have an opinion, but if it’s just mean, keep it to yourself.

The modelling industry has been changing the last couple of years. Not that drastically, but it is something. Plus size modelling is a thing now, more models with different ethnicities are the faces of big brands, the first every hijab-wearing model on the cover of Vogue, …

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🍪on 🌊 word to @nickiminaj

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Also: I’m not saying that skinny models are a bad thing, there’s nothing wrong with being naturally skinny! But this Instagram post of Troian Bellisario explains it very well:

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Thank you @attndotcom for sharing this. I do not agree with all of this. I do not want to BODY SHAME Naturally thin women nor do I want to dictate whether or not they should work based on weight or whether or not they have a mental illness (ED) HOWEVER the thing I love about this is we in America Should have MANDITORY WARNINGS on images in ADvertisements & PRESS that have been doctored. Because the real issue (in my opinion) is that we are selling products (clothes, perfume, music, film) on unrealistic and doctored images of people. And I for one would want to know, I would want my friends to know and strangers and especially young men and women to know if they were looking at something real or something fake. Because then we can see clearly that we are being sold products on the basis of first making ourselves feel less than (not pretty enough not skinny enough not healthy enough whatever) so we “need to buy this product to be like the person in the ad. And feel better about ourselves” Well guess what. The person in the ad doesn’t even look like that. What an amazing world it would be if we could just acknowledge that. And then celebrate that we all look different, have different bodies and different backgrounds and histories, and then find all of those differences beautiful. Happy Saturday.

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I’m hoping that this industry will keep on changing and will one day be a better representation of what our society really looks like.

I hope everyone can love themselves for who they are.
You look amazing!

Have a great day/night!




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