Trip to Bilbao 2017

I made a short trip of 4 days to Bilbao, a city in Spain. 
And I absolutely loved my time there!

Bilbao is the perfect city for people who love architecture. You can find beautiful old apartments with balconies, but there are also a lot of modern building like the famous Guggenheim museum.


This museum is stunning, you just can’t take bad pictures of it and it looks completely different from every angle. The art inside is also beautiful. I really like going to museums, but there isn’t always that much art that I enjoy. With this museum I loved a lot of the pieces.

Tip: The audio guide is free and is fun to listen to! You get to hear more about the artist and how he/she made the piece. Sometimes they give you a lot of information, but you can just skip the things you don’t find interesting.

The city itself is fun to walk through. There are a lot of pretty small shops ( I really liked Miintoday, the clothes were all made in Spain and the prices were good ) and the food is great!


The fun thing about Spain is that there is always something to do, at any hour. Their rythem is very different from the Belgium rythem. They stay out a lot longer in the evening/at night, shops are open till late hours and they eat at later times during the day. 

This is something that you need to keep in mind: If you want to go eat dinner at a restaurant, don’t expect to eat at 6pm (18:00), because restaurants often open at 8pm (20:00).

Bilbao is a lovely city and has so much to offer!

Have a nice day/night!


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