Youtubers worth watching

I’m kind of addicted to YouTube and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.
I’ve had different phases of being obsessed with certain YouTubers, but that obsession always fades from time to time.

The people in this list are people I absolutely love watching and I never get sick of their videos. Here are the YouTubers I find worth watching:

1) Clothesencounters:

This is a lifestyle YouTube channel. Jenn makes fashion and make-up videos, vlogs her month and tells us more about her favourite things at the moment. I absolutely love Jenn as a person and I always get happy when I’m watching her videos. Her filming and editing is beautiful and you can see how much effort she puts in everything that she does.

2) 1 Million Dance Studio:

As it says in the name, this is a dance channel filled with amazing choreographies and tutorials. The studio is situated in South-Korea and some of the dancers have been working with K-pop stars. They make awesome choreographies to different songs (not only Korean, but a lot of internationally known songs) and have different dancing styles. The whole studio is filled with talented dancers like Mina Myoung, Koosung Jung, Sori Na, Maj J Lee, …

3) Roosterteeth:

This is an awesome company mostly involved in the gaming. They have really funny Let’s plays of games with the Achievement Hunter crew, but what I also like are the podcasts (RT podcast and Always Open). They also have their own shows like RWBY. This is an animated show filled with humour and action. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of gaming video’s, you can find tons of other fun content.

4) Jenna Marbles:

The queen of YouTube! I find her videos absolutely hilarious and her ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude is awesome. I love her random chatty videos, but the famous ‘What a girl’s __ mean’ is still one of my favourite playlists. She can always make me laugh!

5) Clevver Style:

Even though the word ‘Style’ is in the name, they don’t really know what they’re doing in most of their videos. But that’s ok, because they are really funny. For more vlog type of video’s they have Lunchy Break, where they vlog while having lunch. They have Beauty break for trying out different products, Beauty Trippin for trying out things like expensive facials, making their own makeup, … and Dirty Laundry for reviewing outfits on the red carpet.

6) Catcreature:

Annabelle is an art student at RISD and mostly posts about beauty and vlogs. She’s a very real and funny person and watching her vlogs always feels like watching a friend. She’s very creative and that definitely reflects in her videos by her way of filming and editing. Seeing her in her first year of college was fun, because it was my first year of college as well and our schools are (obviously) very different, because I don’t go to an art school.

7) JREKML, Fresh Baon and 5Guys Official:

This is for all the K-pop fans out there, because these people are reactors. My parents always find it weird when I tell them that I watch reaction videos, but it’s so much fun to see someone else be as excited as you are. In the beginning I didn’t really have tons of friends who were a fan of K-pop, so watching these reactors felt like watching a musicvideo with a friend. And they can be really funny! There are tons of reactors out there, but I really like these guys.

8) Q2HAN:

These are your favourite Korean twins on YouTube! They vlog their days in Korea, visiting aestheticly pleasing cafés, going shopping and they make awesome DIY’s. You can feel their bubbly personality through the screen and their videos always make me smile.

9) TheOdd1sOut:

This is an animation channel. This is the type of channel where you click on one video, like it, and then 3 hours later you realise that you’ve been binge watching EVERY VIDEO on the channel. The pretty simple animation style and great humor make it that the videos are fun to watch.

I will end the list here.
The channels are all very different, but I like them all.
Maybe I’ll find some new YouTubers over time!

Do you have any YouTubers you would recommend?
Leave them in the comments!

Have a nice dag/night!


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