Trip to Germany 2017

After my trip to The Netherlands, we went straight to Germany!
The weather wasn’t that great all the time, but we still had a lot of fun and saw some beautiful places.
The stops that we made were: Münster and Andernach

  1. First stop: Münster

    We filled our days in Münster looking for art. This year there’s a ‘Sculpture project‘ happening in Münster. There were some great pieces, but to be honest, it wasn’t something that you HAVE to see. Also, the map was pretty difficult to read and in the 3 days that we stayed there, we didn’t find every artpiece.

    But something I want to mention is this amazing vegan place that we went to. The food was delicious and the portions were big. Nothing boring about vegan food! The place is called: Krawummel, for anyone who is interested.

  2. Last stop: Andernach

    With a boat you can go to a geyser. They advice you to first go to the museum, where you can find some information about the geyser and how it works, then you take a short boat trip to the geyser itself.It was cool to see and the water went up higher than i expected (the picture above is from when the water was already splashing a long time).Andernach itself is a pretty small/quite place. And while we were there, there were a lot, and I mean A LOT of old people! So we walked around in Andernach, but also visited the places nearby.Burg Rheinfels:

    Koblenz: where we went up the mountain with a cable car

    Koblenz 1

That was a small summary of my trip to Germany!

Have a nice day/night!



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