Trip to The Netherlands 2017

Together with my parents I went on a trip to The Netherlands.
We made several stops through the country and saw different things that The Netherlands has to offer.
The stops that we made were: The Hague, Hoorn/Enkhuizen, Amsterdam and Leeuwarden.

  1.  First stop: The Hague

The Hague was the first and also one of my favourite stops. It’s a cozy city where you can shop well and eat good food in cozy places.

The Municipal Museum of The Hague is currently celebrating 100 years of Mondriaan. Because of that, the city was filled with his famous 3 colours: yellow, red and blue. In the museum you can see his work throughout the years, which is displayed beautifully.

Eventhough I’m not a fan of his latest and most famous work, for exemple:


I still really enjoyed the exhebition and loved to see his change in style.

We also went to the beach (Scheveningen) for a day. Belgian and Dutch beaches are never really beautiful in my opinion, because of all the appartement buildings located there. But it was a fun time walking around and there are tons of fun restaurants/bars on the beach were you can drink cocktails or eat delicious fish!

2. Second stop: Hoorn/Enkhuizen 

The house we were staying at was located in between Hoorn and Enkhuizen. Which are both small, fun cities located next to the water.

In Hoorn there’s a train station where you can easely take the train to Amsterdam. It’s not that cheap (around €10 per person), but parking your car in Amsterdam is even worse. The trainride takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

In Amsterdam you can definitely smell the weed in the air, that’s a stereotype that is (unfortunately) true, but it’s still a fun city. The weather wasn’t that great when we visited, but I still enjoyed it. They have tons of cute drinking/eating places and it’s also great for shopping.

They have the typical shops like ZARA and H&M, but you should also visit ‘De 9 straatjes’ or literally translated ‘The 9 streets’. In these streets you can find more alternative shops.

3. Last stop: Leeuwarden 

Leeuwarden is pretty small. We stayed there for 3 days, but I’m sure that 1 or 2 days is enough to see the city.

There is a boat tour that’s a lot of fun, but the people giving the tour are retired people who volunteer to do this and can only speak dutch. They normally have a little book with all the information in other languages, but that’s not as fun as someone telling you what you’re looking at.

Still, it’s a great way of seeing the city!

These were a few pictures from my trip to The Netherlands. It’s a beautiful country and I still have some spots there that I want to visit. And I will definitely go back to The Hague! I do recommend visiting the country!

Have a nice day/night!




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